Living and working in Germany made easy

You have decided to live and work in Germany for some time. We are delighted! We have also spent some time abroad. So we know quite well which questions you have in mind at the moment. We will be pleased to help you to:

  •  find an apartment which satisfies your expectations
  • organize the transition as as easily as ever
  • ensure that you can avoid excessive bureaucracy
  • choose kindergartens, schools and clubs
  • make an independent selection of the necessary insurances for you and your family, such as German health insurance etc.
  • find a car…or anything else
  • organize a maid or anything else

But first, congratulations on your decision! We want to make our contribution so that you will have no regrets coming to Germany.

What if everything had already been settled, long before arriving in Germany?

We take care of your arrival in Germany long before leaving your home country. This will simplify the organization for you significantly. Whether it be housing, childcare places, schools or clubs: the sooner we tackle matters for you, the better.
Our friendly and competent team speaks English, if not always as a native language. But our profound local knowledge will easily make up for that minor taint.
Do not hesitate to call us for any special inquiries, such as bilingual schools and kindergartens; we will gladly take up this challenge.

High quality and reasonable prices

Moving is always expensive, especially if you move abroad. Talk to your new employer and request a refund. Even if your new employer contributes nothing, contrary to expectations: Together we will find a solution that fits your budget. Our goal is always high quality and reasonable prices.

Even after your arrival in Germany, we will accompany you. Be it to authorities, with negotiations or buying a car: You can count on our team of experts.

Arriving in Germany can be so easy. We want to give you a warm welcome to Germany. And of course, very well organized. But possibly you already know this ‘typical German’ attitude.

Just send us an e-mail or call us, we will take care of everything else.